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HPN NEBULA® water mist
Born out of the most advanced research and development of cutting edge products, HPN NEBULA® is a water mist spray system totally designed and developed in Italy.
The characteristics of HPN NEBULA® water mist system are:
• Capacity to very quickly lower the temperature below the level of combustion
• Acts efficiently against thermal heat transfer thus reducing ambient temperature in the area
• Reduction in pollution and water damage
• Containment of smoke, thus assisting efforts of fire services
• Very low water consumption
HPN® NEBULA water mist system uses stainless steel tubing, which can deliver an extremely efficient water atomization thanks to two different special types of heads. The open heads used in “dry” equipment and the closed heads used for “wet” equipment. The closed heads are cutting-edge technology: their automatic opening is controlled by a spring of Nickel and Titanium alloy and a memory form calibrated according to the temperature. This innovative process guarantees an extremely accurate intervention in total compliance with the latest safety standards.
The pressure systems for HPN NEBULA® are determined by the size of the equipment and by the control of the extinguishent, using one or more pumps or gas cylinders, always with the option of manual or automatic action.
The use of HPN NEBULA® water mist system is a winning choice where there is a limited water reserve, environmental issues, high risks of water damage or personal security issues.
HPN NEBULA® has obtained certification for use in civil, industrial and military sectors for fire extinguishing systems in shops, offices, stores and hotels. It is certified by the Registro Italiano Navale, the RINA, for all types of on-board firefighting. A particular application of note is that for the specialized protection of fryers, which require a specific legal certification in commercial kitchens.
HPNŽ Nebula closed head water mist
HPN water mist group in hotel
electric control station water mist
water mist pump system with water tank.